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The next four no loan programs featured are all the same program. I just broke down this loan program into four parts so you can narrow down which section will be a fit for your loan scenario.

In other words if you are looking for an alternative similar to the bank the first option would be best. If you are an investor and don’t want to disclose a lot of documentation the second option is best.

If you have maybe applied for an SBA loan and have been turned down or you are looking for a commercial owner occupied loan but dont want a full doc loan. If that is the case the third loan option would be a fit.

Perhaps you dont have tax returns but show strong P and L’s then the fourth program feature is the best. Please read below and feel free to email any questions?


1.  Complete Bank program –  Best in class pricing –

 Investor – Owner Occupied

No Tax Returns!

Credit strong investors or business owners looking for an alternative for restrictive bank financing

Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, Legal Entities

Property types: Daycare Center, Restaurant, Bar, Multifamily, Mixed use, Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Office, Self Storage, Mobile Home Park. 

Loan purpose: Purchase, Cash Out, Refinance

Investor type:  Owner Occupied or investor

Loan amounts:     $250,000 to $2 Million

Min middle credit score 650

Rates:    6% to 9%

Term     5- 7 year Hybrid

Pre payment penalty:   5% for first 3 years

Amortization   20,25,30

Rate:  6-9%   

Max LTV 80%  (Up to 80% LTV on all properties and this includes cash out transactions.


2.  LITE DOC INVESTOR PROGRAM – Reduced Doc Options

Investor Transactions only – No Tax Returns

Investors who may not be able to disclose certain financial information of whose properties are more

Valuable than a tax return may show


3. Stated Owner Occupied Program for commercial owner occupied

( SBA Alternative)

Owner Occupied transactions where the business owner has difficulty documenting their income for traditional lenders


4.  Bank Statement Program.. NO Tax Returns! Just 12 month P and L

Designed for business owners who prefer to provide their income by providing 12 consecutive

months of bank statements instead of tax returns



  • Borrower does not document income on tax returns, investor and owner occupied.
  • Recently stabilized – we only need 75% economic occupancy for the preceding 90 days at 1.15 DCR
  • No seasoning on title and the ability to use appraised value vs cost basis.
  • Low liquidity we only need 3-6 months P and L



Here is a great no doc program for one to four unit investment properties and Condos.

No Doc  1- 4 Unit  Investment Property PROGRAM – Quick Close!

(Developed for investors looking for non bank financing for 1-4 Unit Properties)

Property Types :  1-4 unit attached/detached properties, Condos, Puds (Investor Only)

LOAN PURPOSE :  Purchase • Rate/term refinance • Cash-out refinance

Loan amount :   $100,000  –  $2 Million

Rates    6 – 9%

Term:   5 -7 Year Hybrid

MAX LTV :  Up to 80% for purchase and rate/term refinance • Up to 65% for cash-out refinance

CASH-FLOW REQUIREMENTS:   Qualifying income based on property cash flows • No tax returns or 4506T required

LOCATIONS:   Generally urban or suburban locations in primary, secondary, or tertiary markets

BORROWER:  Business entity

No Tax Returns or 4506T required

Closing Time   30 days

No Tax returns required


New!   Here is a great no doc lender starting at 1 Million and up

(Fixed Rate) Permanent Long Term No doc loan program – Nationwide  $1,00,000 and UP

First Lien Position – Permanent Financing

PURPOSE: Fixed-rate financing on income-producing properties

GEOGRAPHY: Continental United States

LOAN SIZE: $1,000,000 to $20,000,000

PROPERTY TYPES: Multifamily, Manufactured Home Communities, Office, Industrial, R&D Flex, Retail, Self-Storage (other asset classes considered on a case-by-case basis)

TERM: 3, 5, 7, or 10 years

AMORTIZATION: Varies; typically 25 – 30 years

INTEREST RATES:   7.5% – 8.5%

Pricing is based on transaction quality, location and leverage.

Rates are typically 250 – 300 basis points over the corresponding treasury

PAYMENTS: Payments calculated on an amortizing basis and made via auto-debit from borrower’s account



LIABILITY: Recourse and non-recourse offered

LOAN FEES:   1-3 points

PREPAYMENT: Varies; declining percentage, yield maintenance and defeasance are available

SECONDARY FINANCING: Not allowed OTHER COSTS: Generally $10,000 – $15,000, plus lega



Long Term Stated Income Loan Program  (No Tax returns) $500,000 and Up

Purpose:  1st Position Long Term Funding with Minimal Documentation

Loan Amount:   $500,000 to $5,000,000

Geography: Nationwide   Except AZ, MI, ND, NJ, NV, OR, SD, TN and VT

Property Types:   SFR Investment , 1 to 4 Unit, 5+ unit multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail,  auto-dealers, daycare, restaurants, bars, warehouse, industrial, mobile home parks, self-storage, and auto body shops.

Rate: 6.5% to 9.5%

Fixed:   3,5,7 and 10 Years

LTV:   Up tp 80LTV

Amortization:   30 years

Pre Payment Penalty:   3 or 5 years Pre pay

Credit Score:  620

Cash out:  Unrestricted

Close in 30 days or less

No Balloon payments ( Fixed)


All our loan programs are custom tailored. Commercial Mortgage Unlimited offers the biggest variety of short and long term Full Doc, Lite Doc, and No Tax Returns Loans. Feel free to fill out online form or call or email me?



Here is an example of an assisted living facility we refinanced.
Here is an example of an assisted living facility we refinanced.

Do you need funding for a larger than normal purchase, refinance, rehab or ground up construction scenario in the USA?

Offering loans generally from $20 Million to $300 Million+ on all property types nationwide, including office, retail, lodging, medical office, multifamily, condos, industrial and self-storage.  We do construction lending on a select basis.

The second loan program example will offer funding  for / Deal Sizes ($2,000,000 – $500,000,000+) They also offer a smaller loan amount called a  Micro Loan Program ($500,000 – $2,000,000)

These criteria are general guidelines only; structure and terms are customized on a deal-by-deal basis.

1st Lien Mortgage Loans

Loan Size
$20,000,000  – $300,000,000+

First mortgage on Fee or Leasehold Interest

Primarily floating rate

Generally 1 to 10 years (longer terms available)

Loan to Value
Typically up to 80% LTV

Interest Rate
L + 3 1/2% and above

Mezzanine Loans

Loan Size
$5,000,000 – $100,000,000+


100% of the equity ownership interests in the related property

Primarily floating rate

Generally 3 to 10 years (generally co-terminus with first mortgage)

Loan to Value
Up to 85% LTV

Interest Rate
L + 8% and above

Preferred Equity

Investment Size
$5,000,000 – $50,000,000+

Typically Floating

Generally 3 to 10 years

Percent of Cost
Up to 90%

Interest Rate
TBD  including participation (To Be Determined once we review financials)

3.5%-5% Range.

Loans are determined according to the financial strength and projected or current cash flow of the property.


Example 2

Loan / Deal Sizes ($2,000,000 – $500,000,000+)
Micro Loan Program ($500,000 – $2,000,000)

Here is a second lender that funds larger deals

Below are our basic lending guidelines and property types for commercial real estate loans:

Eligible Property Types

Geography (Tier 1 & 2 Markets in US)

Multi-family Apartments
Anchored Retail Shopping Centers
Strip Retail
Mixed Use
CBD Office
Suburban Office
Medical Office
Student Housing
Warehouses / Distribution / Flex
Flagged Hotels / Extend-Stay Hotels
Parking Garage & Surface Lots
Self Storage Facilities
Mobile Home Parks
Condo Unit Inventory Loans
Special Use – (Auto Repair, Gas Station, Restaurant/Bar, Car Wash)We do NOT finance Agricultural, Land or Churches
Multi-family anywhere in USA

New York City
New York – Metro
Washington DC
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Salt Lake City


All First Mortgages: Loan / Deal Sizes ($2,000,000 – $500,000,000+)
Micro Loan Program ($500,000 – $2,000,000)

First Mortgages Purchasing Distressed Debt Financing Third Parties
Purchasing Distressed Debt
Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
(up to 100% in certain cases)
Interest Rate 3.00% – 12%
Term 1 – 3 years; 5-25 years
Amortization – Interest Only
Recourse & Non-recourse
Lender Fee 3 – 5 Points
Exit Fee – None
Extensions – Yes
Extension Fee: 1/2 – 1 Point
Borrowing Entity: Special Purpose Entity
Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
Interest Rate: 7% – 12%
Term 1 – 5 Years
Amortization TBD
Recourse TBD
Lender Fee 3 – 5 Points
Exit Fee: None
Extensions: Yes
Extension Fee 1/2 – 1 Point
Borrowing Entity Special Purpose Entity
Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
Interest Rate TBD
Term 1 – 5 Years
Amortization TBD
Recourse: TBD
Lender Fee 3 – 5 Points
Exit Fee None
Extensions Yes
Extension Fee 1/2 – 1 Point
Borrowing Entity: Special Purpose Entity

If you are interested in a loan or have a question please email or call me? 


Thanks Mark Fulop (Owner / Underwriter)