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Please email any loan scenario’s to me then call direct in order to discuss!  Thanks Mark Fulop

Questions for the purchase of an investment property or owner occupied?
Borrower or borrowers names? Middle Credit Score? 
Property address?  Total sq. ft.?   What type of property? Owner occupied or investment? If owner occupied what type of business?
Sq ft and rent per month per unit?
Property estimated value: 
Gross Rents:
Annual Taxes:
Annual Water/Sewer:
Annual Insurance:
Annual HOA if applicable:

If, refi when was the property purchased? price> Any documented rehab? How much was spent? current mortgage owed? rate? payment? matures when? property type?  sq ft and rent per unit?  income and expenses?

Questions for ground up construction deal ( What are you building?) Property Type? Price of land? Size?
Address or Parcel number?  Experience in the last 3 years? Middle fico score?
 Soft costs?   Price per door to build? # of units? Hard Costs? Exit Strategy? Borrower Contact info?

Question for Fix and Flip?  Name? Email? Phone? Credit? Experience in the last 3 years? Address? Price? Renovation amount? After Repair Value? Sell or refi 

Recent Closings!

Just Closed!  11/8/2023
35 Greenbrook rd North Plainfield NJ 07060

Refinance Cash Out ( Long Term Loan)

Just Closed!  10/30/2023
281 Belmont Ave, Haledon, NJ 07508

Refinance Cash Out 

( Construction money in order to complete renovation)

Just Closed!  10/12/2023
6261 southeast baseline rd Belleview Florida 34430

Refinance Cash Out ( Hair Salon)

Just Closed!  8/10/2023
390 West Mountain Rd,Ridgefield, CT 06877

Refinance Cash Out ( SFR Rental)

Just Closed!  8/8/2023
303 N Canal ST Apt 27, Carlsbad, NM 88220

Commercial Condo Purchase

Just Closed!  8/3/2023

1132 Springfield Ave Mountainside NJ 07092

Commercial Condo Refinance

Just Closed! 6/120/2023
34 First street Lodi NJ 07644
Loan 245,000
SFR Refinance into a Hard Money Loan
Just Closed! 5/19/2023

17 Wapping Rd, Broad Brook, CT 06016

Refi Cash Out 2nd mortgage with Hard Money
Just Closed! 4/30/2023

15 Burnham St Terryville, CT 06786

Refi Cash Out from Hard Money after renovation



Commercial Mortgage Unlimited fills the void created by traditional bank and finance companies.

We have the contacts and experience to provide the funding you need!

Offering the Biggest Variety of short term and long term custom Full Doc, Lite Doc and No Doc tailored loan programs in the USA.

We fund all property types in the USA!

Financing for Rental Investment and Business Real Estate

Bank Loans

Lite Doc Loan

Stated No Doc Loan

New Construction


Land acquisition and site development


S.B.A Alternative Loan

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac



Hard Money

Bridge Loan

Land Loan

Portfolio Loan



And more!


Offering Non Recourse and Recourse Loans.   $35,000 to $100 Million
Fixed and fully-amortizing terms

Loan Evaluations

in 3 Hours or Less 


Submit the basics and we’ll

contact you shortly.

Commercial Mortgage Unlimited is one of the top 50 fastest growing firms in NY-NJ Tri State Area. Voted as one of the most trusted commercial real estate mortgage brokerage firms in the U.S.  We consistently close loans on multifamily, mixed-use, medical, Retail, Office, Warehouse, single-tenant properties and properties in every category!
C.M.U provides a smooth and seamless customer experience from your initial quote through closing. Mark Fulop is one of the most seasoned commercial mortgage brokers in the business. If he cant fund a deal nobody can. All the loan program guidelines I post are from lenders I have used at least once in the past. That is the reason why you would hire commercial mortgage unlimited we are presenting you with lenders who we have screened before and used. I have been doing this for over 16 years and know what lenders are good and what lenders simply either bait and switch or are app fee mills. Please email me your loan request and I will help you attain funding without a headache.
“Yes we fund a lot of difficult no doc deals but that is only half of the business. We also specialize is full doc loans such as SBA loans, Conventional Bank Loans, Blanket Loans, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, C.M.B.S, Fix and Flips, Land Loans, Bridge and Hard Money, Ground up Construction Projects, Asset based, A.R.V Loans. My point is we also offer very competitive Full Doc and Limited Doc programs in addition to short term and long term no doc loans.”

We specialize in Long Term Full Doc, Lite Doc and No Tax Returns Loans for Investment properties and Commercial Owner Occupied Properties Nationwide!

Perhaps you are interested in a Business loan involving commercial real estate, business acquisitions, or machinery or equipment? We offer custom tailored loans.


New Foreign National Loan Program for March !

Looking to purchase or refinance a investment property in the USA but you are a Foreign National?

Good News ! We now offer a new loan product that can help you attain funding as a Foreign National!


Foreign national funding for investment properties in the USA!

Entry Visa,E1/ E2, H-1B, L 1, 0 1,


Minimum Loan Amount $300,000  Maximum Loan $2.5M

80ltv to $1m with 740 Mid Credit Score ( Transunion)

Up to 70% LTV Purchase and Rate and Term Refi’s on

2-8 Unit apartment properties with 2 Commercial Units Max!

65% LTV

Starting rate 7.24%

Fixed 30 year period available!

No credit in the USA ok!

If you do have US credit 660 or better preferred.


Please email the basic loan scenario to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com



Looking for a Stated Income Cannabis Loan in the USA?

Offering long term and short term funding…..

Loans for Cannabis range from $100,000 to 2.5M for long term loans. If you require a hard money loan I could offer

a much higher amount.

Cost of long term Cannabis Loans below:

No Appraisal Needed: BPO will cost $300
Inspection: $950
Travel for the Lender: $500
Attorney Fee: $250 (After the Inspection is done this fee will be paid)
If you have a middle credit score of 700 or better it is very likely you will qualify for better terms

( If you have a low fico score you can still qualify for a hard money loan for 12 months)

Below is an example of a recent refi cash out of a Cannabis Grow in order to scale up.
They decided to only borrow $300,000

Loan amount requested: $300,000
Rate 7.9% Fixed for 15 years
2 points lender
2 points broker
Rate 9.9% Fixed for 12 years
Loan amount requested: $300,000
3points lender
3points broker
Rate 9.9% Fixed for 12 years

     We offer Short Term Bridge Loans for Cannabis as well.

  • Low interest-only payments for 12 to 18 months
  • Competitive cannabis bridge loan rates
  • Closings within 30 days
  • Construction down payments from 10% to 30%
  • Post-construction solutions for fixed or floating rate financing/refinancing
  • Refinancing options for longer-term payments



Church Funding now available!

Looking for church financing in the USA? This loan program is for a real church with a steeple. Purchase or Refinance?

Please email me any loan requests to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

Our current platform offers a 15-year fully amortized (5+5+5) loan option with current rates are between 5.40% – 6.10%, depending on the risk-rating assigned to any given church. 
30% down    70LTV
 Also we can offer: 6.5% to 7.5% on a 5 year fixed loan term with a 20 year amortization  70ltv
For any churches you’d like me to consider, we will need the following information:  
Financial Reports (Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheets) for 2020 – 2022
A copy of the church’s bylaws/constitution
List of the church’s governing board members
A copy of the church’s Statement of Faith in order to establish eligibility for the ministry (if the church belongs to a specific religious denomination, please let me know as they may already be eligible to join CCCU)
A brief narrative of the church’s lending needs (loan amount, down-payment available, loan purpose, etc.) 

If you have an inner city church which is more of a single use commercial space I have different programs starting at 8%-9.99% fixed for 5 years 15-20 am (Up to 60-65ltv)

New Nationwide Niche Loan program!

New SBA program that most SBA lenders do not have.
Nationwide SBA lender
Available for 7a and 504
3.99% first 12 months   6.5% 2nd year for 25 years
The rate is 3.99% for the 1st 12 months, for the remaining term the rate would be in the mid 6’s, ballpark,
depending on financials and credit.   We can fix rates up to 25 years, no balloon, 10% down.
Prepayment is a 3 years declining scale  It’s  5-3-1, first 3 years, only. 
Customer can prepay without penalty in years 1-3 up to 25% of the loan amount.

Looking for Hotel/ Motel Financing with short term funding?

Loan Amount: …………………………. $2 – $100 million
Interest Rate:……………………………. As low as Prime +3.50
( 10% – 12%)
Loan Term: ……………………………. 6 – 24 months + Extensions
Amortization……………………………..Interest Only
Security……………………………………..First Mortgage Lien
Loan-to-Value/Loan-to-Cost………Up to 75% of Current Value
Origination/Exit Fee…………………..3%
Minimum Yield…………………………..6 – 12 months
Asset Types ………………………………..All major asset types* *except for land
Flagged Hotels Ex: Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Wyndham, Choice.
Full Service Hotels: Full-service hotels offer a wide array of amenities and guest services
Boutique and Independent ( Non flagged independently owned)
Extended Stay Hotels: These hotels are small-to-medium sized hotels with special weekly or monthly rates that save money compared to day rates.
Focused or Select Service Hotels (These are medium-sized hotels to small-sized hotels with limited amenities geared to a defined set of travelers, such as single businesspersons)
Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels that offer top-quality amenities and charge premium prices
Hotel Acquisition
Hotel Construction Funding
Mezzanine Financing
Hotel Conversion Financing
Hotel Renovation Funding

Please email me your loan request to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

Mark Fulop ( Owner: Commercial Mortgage Unlimited)
201-925-3470 ( Call direct ( 9am to 5am)

Looking for a short term loan to purchase a Gas Station in the USA?

Program Parameters for Gas Station Purchase

Acquisition: Single Stores and Portfolios
Type of Financing: Acquisition, Construction, Expansion, Refinance, Startup
Eligibility: Owner Occupied, Three years industry Experience, Start Up
Eligible Locations: Nationwide
Property Types: Gas Stations ( Debt service as low as 1.0)
Interest Rate:………. As low as Prime +3.50 ( Average 10 – 11.5%)
Loan Amount: $300,000 to 100,000,000
Loan Term: 1 – 5 year term.
Closing Time: 3 weeks
Amortization: Typically Interest Only but may vary dependent upon transaction.
Loan to Value/Cost: Up to 70LTV
Minimum DSCR: 1.0x but transaction may be financed with a DSCR below 1.0x dependent upon the transaction.
Origination Fee: Typically 2% – 5% of Loan Amount
Expense Deposit: Amount sufficient to cover third party reports.  May vary according to transaction.
Sponsor/Borrower: Transaction Specific
Recourse: Both recourse and non-recourse options available.  Non-recourse transactions will potentially include the exception of industry standard “bad boy” carve outs.
Assumable: Permitted subject to approval and an assumption fee
Prepayment:   6 months
Determined on a case-by-case basis
Typical Uses:    Purchase Gas Station
Exit Strategy:  Refinance into an SBA loan.

New Loan Program for 8 to 16 Units Multi-Family only!

Are you a strong borrower in NJ or NY looking for a Bank Loan?

Looking for a Full Doc loan in NY and NJ (Hudson, Union and Bergen County)?

New Product came out
6 % (PAR RATE) for 5 Yr Fixed ARM / 30 Yr Term/ 30 Yr Amortization Loan.

6% Fixed for 5 years 30 Amortization 65-70LTV

(8 to 16 Units Multi-Family only) – PROMOTIONAL RATE UNTIL 03/31/2023

Main target areas will be a Mixed-use, Small Multi-family and Underlying Co-op in NY and NJ (Hudson, Union and Bergen County)


New Loan Program!

Looking to purchase or refinance a One to Four Unit Investment Property, Condo, or Town house  in the USA?

New Loan Program requires only 15% down in selected states!
Loans from $75,000 to $2,000,000

Single Family, 1-4 Units, Condos, Townhomes

Single Rental Property Loan

Individual Rental Properties

Both Long Term and Vacation Rental Financing now available!

Currently or soon to be) Leased

We do have a population minimum of 10k for this loan program. (I have other programs for 20% down that require less people in a Town)

We can offer 85% LTV towards a DSCR rental purchase in:

Purchase or Refinance

LLC’s, Corporation and LP’s Only

Texas, Florida, and California. Arizona is case by case pending management approval.
Other states require 20% down
Rates start at 3.5%
Minimum Credit Score: 640
Points start at 1%
Min loan  75,000
Min property value? 100,000
Purchase, Delayed Purchase, Rate and Term, Cash Out options available
Must have a 12 month mortgage history on any property you own.

What is a delayed Purchase?

     Delayed purchase is when a client buys a home using cash or bridge loan and then comes to us within 180 days of that transaction and we will reimburse the cash out of pocket with an initial LTV to be given at closing like a cash out refi and then we will also fund the rehab budget, if applicable.


Non Asset Loans are available ! $50,000 to $400,000

Need money for Construction, Pay Credit Cards, or Down Payment

Do you want to borrow the down payment? Normally I don’t suggest you do this because things can go side ways quickly if you owe money for the down payment as well as the loan you acquired in 1st position. Also I can only get you a non asset loan up to $400,000 so if you need more than that for a down payment I cannot help you.  If you have the down payment saved I suggest you apply for a loan in the normal manner. Also if you borrow the down payment I suggest you let the down payment sit in your bank account for 60 days. In order to produce 2 months bank statements if the lender asks for proof of funds.

     Whether you are looking for funding for your own business or for a client of yours, now is the right time to get funded! Our term loan program has been pumping out huge approvals with amazing interest rates. We are now able to get clients over $300,000! Below is a quick refresher on the term loan details and criteria:

A borrower must have at least a middle credit score of 680 and needs to be able to show personal tax returns from last year showing a minimum of $50,000 or more.  The rates range from 7-10% and the Term is 5 to 7 years. 

If you are interested I need a copy of a recent fico credit report and a copy of last years tax returns.

Example.  Client recently signed a 10 year lease for a Restaurant Start Up. He needed $100,000 in order to pay for the renovations for the new restaurant. Since he was waiting for his 4 unit apartment building to sell in the next few months he new he would be able to pay the loan back in full. Therefore, the loan loan made senses.  Closing time 7 days. 


5 – 7 year term

7 – 10% Interest (APR)

$50,000 – $400,000 Approvals

Startups welcome

Cash deposited / Monthly payments

No early termination fees


680 Credit Scores (Co-signers accepted!)

$50,000 or more in personal income last year

Business credit lines

  • Revolving term (Keep open forever)
  • 0% interest the first 6-12 months
  • Only pay monthly for what you are using
  • Funding up to $150,000


  • 700 scores across the board or higher (Or co-signer with 700 scores)
  • Must have a business


  • 24-Hour Approval.
  • 48-Hour Closing.
  • Application Only Funding $10,000 to $ 175,000
  • Rates start at 6%.
  • Terms to 5 years.
  • New & used equipment.
  • Open, transparent, client-first platform with no surprises.
  • 625 + Fico
  • Client needs to be in business for at least 2 years.
  • Points 4-8 Points to the lender.

Common questions normal borrowers ask regarding loans!

Difference between Co signer and Guarantor

“Co-Signer”.   When someone wealthy gets conned into helping their flakey brother-in-law buy a 1998 Oldsmobile and that someone picks up a pen and adds his signature to the note, he’s a co-signer. But, if he executes a (usually separate) contract saying that he will be responsible to pay the real estate mortgage debt in the event of default, he or she should be referred to as a guarantor, not a co-signer. Guarantees generally do not affect standard credit reports (unless the guarantor winds up on the wrong end of a judgement), are subject to wholly different statutes, and probably require court action to enforce. Laws and practice differ from state to state. I’m something of an expert on the use of guarantees . . . but I wouldn’t dare create one from scratch or try to enforce one without an attorney. CRITICAL: don’t have the guarantor simply sign on the note as another borrower; you could be looking at big problems! Use a proper guarantee document. If you’re calling me to finance a 1998 Oldsmobile, you may use the term “co-signer” but if we’re dealing with real estate – tell me about the “guarantor”. 


What is the lowest middle credit score we can accept?

Experian, Transunion, Equifax

     Technically 580 but that is for a lender who will want to see last 2 years tax returns to check you filed and probably offer of a rate of 8.99% or 9.99% fixed for 25 years.  50-60 LTV. If you have a good fico score they offer up to 70-80 LTV   Rates range from 6.99% – 7.99%  Loans range from:  35k to 2M

  • Apartment Building
  • Mixed-Use Building
  • Retail/Office
  • Warehouse/Office Building
  • Day Care / Hair Salons / Funeral Homes
  • Auto
  • Hotel and Motel
  • Other property types

     Many times if a borrower has a fico in the 500’s its best to put them into credit repair for 60 days. Once the middle score is back to 660 range we can provide better ideal loan programs.

Normally we prefer a 660 or 680 minimum credit score or better. If for some reason you are running into a situation where your middle credit score is 600 I can still provide decent loan programs for the following property types. 

SFR, 2-4 Units, Condos, Town Homes.

Rates start at 6%    1.00 DSCR

Loan Amount $75,000 to 2 Million

Up to 80LTV for Purchase and Refinance

5/1 Arm  6.00%+      Pre Payment: 3% – 2% – 1%

7/1 arm   6.25%+      Pre Payment: 4% – 3% – 2% – 1%

10/1 arm  6.5%+       Pre Payment: 5% – 4% – 3% – 2% – 1%

Looking for a Non recourse Loan?

New 35 and 10 Year fixed program

No Tax Returns – No Personal Guarantee – Full term Interest Only

Interest Rate:  

5.25% – 7.25% on income producing properties (DSCR>1.30)

Loan Programs:

3 , 5 and 10 year fixed  


30 years amortization or interest only option available

Eligible Properties:

Multifamily, office, warehouse, self-storage, and mixed-use property types


No Personal or Business Tax Returns Required


Max LTV of 65%

Loan Amount:

$3,000,000.00 to $100,000,000.00




All loans are required to close in the name of a Single Purpose LLC

Tax & Insurance Escrows:

Tax and Insurance escrows required on all loans

Foreign National:

Borrower must have a checking account in a US based Bank


Ground up Construction Funding for Residential Homes  1-4 Units

Do I need experience to attain funding for a ground up Home Loan?

Normally most lenders require at least 5 ground up in the last 3 years.

If you are a contractor just setting out building homes you can still attain funding.

Even if you are not a contractor you can still attain funding for your first ground up.

For best terms.

If they have no experience the borrower can bring on a Contractor with five ground up deals in the past and  make him 1% owner. That way you can use the contractors experience. 

In other word the Contractor has to be a guarantor on the loan in order to fund someone with no ground up experience! 

  • We will only use contractor experience on new construction loans. If they have 5, we will be at 85% LTC

For the “inexperienced builder” we would want to see at least 680 credit. 

The rate would be closer to 9% and 2 points. We would lend 75% LTC on those until they have a track record of being good borrowers, then we can go up to 80-85% (usually after 2 or 3 deals as borrowers)

Fix and Flip Funding for Residential Homes

Do I need experience to attain funding for a Fix and Flip?

  • No experience is 20% down and 100% reno OR 85% loan to cost (purchase + rehab)

Normally if you have three flips under your belt we can offer 10% down on the purchase and 100% for the renovation.

What if the contractor has 5 in the last 3 years? What then? The contractor will have to do it in his name.

  • We will only use contractor experience on new construction loans. 

For the “inexperienced builder” we would want to see at least 680 credit. 

The rate would be between 8% – 12% and 2 points.


What is a seller concession and do you offer it?


A ‘seller concession’ refers to any arrangement where closing costs on a purchase are paid by the seller rather than the buyer.

What is the maximum seller concession on a conventional no tax returns loan? Normally the maximum seller contribution is 3%.


In some cases if the borrower has the down payment but is a little short with the closing costs the seller can assist up to 3%

What is a seller second mortgage?   Can a seller carry a second mortgage?

Carrying Second Mortgages

Seller financing” is the broad term in real estate that describes a seller financing, or carrying, part of the buyer’s purchase. However, a seller can carry a second mortgage for a buyer, thus enabling the buyer to successfully purchase the seller’s commercial or residential investment property.

We allow up to 80% combined L.T.V (Loan to Value) with seller second.

If you are buying an office building, retail, retail strip or a warehouse you would need to put down 30% down since its considered a pure commercial property.

In other words if our LTV (Loan to Value)  is 70% then yes we allow an additional 10% from the seller.

The seller can assist for 10% of the down payment

If you are buying a 1-4 Unit investment property, mixed use apartment building, or 5+ apartment building we will require 25% down from the borrower.

25% down will accept a 5% seller 2nd from the seller.

Most lenders do not allow a seller 2nd but I do have one stated income lender who will allow it.  Rates start at 6.75 – 7.49% fixed for 30 years with a 700 or better fico.  Rates start at 8.49 with a 650 middle fico score.   Example of a normal loan.

6.99 fixed for 30 years  75-70ltv (Pre pay 543211)

Please make sure you have at least another $10,000 dollars in reserves along with your down payment in order to pay for closing costs.

If you are looking to purchase an investment property or commercial owner occupied property please email me the basics to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

PS If you do not have any down payment it is not possible to have the seller hold the entire down payment. 

Options to borrower the down payment!

Whether you are looking for funding for your own business or need money in order to use as a down payment for a loan I may have an option. We offer personal loans from $50,000 to $400,000

5-7 year term

7-10% Interest (APR)

$50,000 – $400,000 Approvals

Startups welcome

Cash deposited / Monthly payments

No early termination fees


680 Credit Scores (Co-signers accepted!)

$50,000 or more in personal income last year



New 1-4 Unit Investment Loan Program. (Now offering 20% down)

Normally for a No Doc Stated Loan most lenders in the past required 25% down.

The program just changed where they now

Offer 80LTV which is 20% down for the purchase of a 1-4 Unit Apartment Building.

Program Highlights:

  • Loan Amounts: $100,000 -$2 million
  • Property Types: SFR/2-4-unit
  • Loan Terms: 5-yr ARM/30-yr fixed
  • Rates: 4.750% – 5.75
  • Max LTV: 75% – 80LTV
  • Min FICO: 650
  • Min. DSCR: 1.00
  • Flat $2,000 lender fee
  • Broker 2 Points under $500,000 and 1 point over $500,000.

Commercial Mortgage Unlimited offers custom tailored loan programs.


New! Airbnb /1-8 unit and mixed use Light Doc Loan Program.

Looking to purchase a 1-8 Unit Investment Property or Mixed Use Commercial Property but its vacant? 

Its easy to fund if its rented but now also possible to fund with a long term loan if vacant. Case by Case…..

Looking to purchase a purchase a vacant property and rent it for an Air B and B? Please provide market rent and I may be able to fund vacant. 

Residential Light Doc Program.  

 1 to 8 unit light document program (investor only) and mixed-use.  

Easier if leased, but available for vacant in some cases (use market rents). Short term rentals work too (i.e. Airbnb) 

Min Fico620. Program is highly dependent on FICO for LTV and terms.

Rates range from 4.75% to 7.00%. Average rate seems to be around 5.500%. 

80 LTV max but hard to get. 70 available on most scenarios 

Loan Amounts: $200,000 to $2,000,000+  

30 year fixed – Full Recourse 

Prepayment Penalty: 6 months of interest (if prepaid during first 5 years of the term), 20% principal freely prepayable each year. 

No Tax Returns 

Upfront Pass-Through Fees: $3,000 (1 to 4 units), $5,500 (5 to 8 units and all mixed-use deals). Covers appraisal and third party reviews, legal documents, title and onboarding costs. Any unused fees will be refunded at closing.  

Paid at closing: 

1.00% lender fee. 

  • Multifamily (5 to 8 units) Territory: Nationwide except NV, ND, & SD. 
  • Residential (1-4 units) Lending Territory: Nationwide except AZ, MI, MN, NV, ND, SD, VA, VT. 

New Loan Program

Looking for a Stated Income Loan that does not have to Debt Service to qualify?

Loans range from $35,000 to $5 Million

What is different about this no doc loan?

Pay 20% of the loan off monthly with no pre pay penalty

Par is normally 7.5% fixed for 30 years with a 650 middle score or better.

Note! If you are refinancing or purchasing a 1 to 4 Unit Investment Property we offer better rates starting at 5.49%

Property Types: 1-4 unit non owner occupied residential properties, multifamily, mixed use, office, retail, warehouse, self storage and automotive.

Rates: Between 6% – 9%

Term: 30 year fixed and 3 year arm option available!

LTV: Up to 75% LTV(purchase, refi, cash out refi)

Pre Pay Penalty:  543211 or 321

No DTI or DSCR requirements: (DSCR requirements do come into play on larger commercial deals)

No Seasoning of down payment funds

Please email your loan request to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

Looking for a lender who can finance ground up construction or tear down and rebuild projects?
New Construction Highlights
  • Loans up to $2.5M
  • Up to 90% LTC and up to 70% LTV
  • Spec builds and model homes
  • Non-recourse available
  • In-house construction draws and servicing
  • 13, 19, and 24-month term options
  • Fast due diligence and closing
Please email your loan request to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com


Are you a new Fix and Flipper who has no experience?

Here is an example of a client with no experience. Minimum loan amount is 75,000   

If the client has not done any flips in the last 3 year’s and the middle fico was 660 or better, we would offer 25% down and 100% renovation.  

Below is an example of a closing with no experience.  

50,000 Purchase  

70,000 renovation  

Arv 150,000  

We would offer 25% down   100% purchase  

We’d be at 85% Loan to Cost. Total loan amount being $102,000 

  • $50k pp + $70k reno = $120k x 85% LTC = $102,000 

Down payment – $18,000 

Closing Costs + Down Payment – $34,449.80 

  • Interest Reserves (12 months at 10.99%) = $11,209.80 
  • Lender Fee – 2.5% ($2,550) 
  • Processing Fee – $650 
  • Broker Fee – 2% ($2,040) 

Rate: 10.99 12 Month Loan  

If credit is sub-700, 0.25% is added to the rate. In the example above, the rate would be 11.24%  

if FICO < 700 

Are you looking to flip a house and you have successfully completed several flips in the last three years?

If you have a middle fico score of 660 or better you would qualify for better rates and terms.

Please read below. 

Completed 1-4 Flips in the last three years! 
If the client has done 1-4 flip in the last 3 years, we would offer 80% LTV purchase and renovation.  
Rate: 9.50%  
12-month loan  
Completed 5-11 Flips in the last three years! 
If the client has done 5-11 flips in the last 3 years, we would offer 15% down  
Rate 8.5%  
12month loan  
Loan to cost 85% purchase 100% rehab  

Completed 12-24 Flips experience in the last three years! 

If the client has done 12-24 flips in the last 3 years, we would offer 15% 100% renovation  
Ex. Rate 8.00% 12-month loan  
Loan to cost – up to 90% LTC 
If you are interested in funding please email me your scenario to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com 


Looking for a Non Recourse Loan?

No Tax Returns – No Personal Guarantee – Full term Interest Only

Interest Rate: 6.25% – 7.25% on income producing properties (DSCR>1.30)

Loan Program: 5 year fixed – balloons at the end of 5 years

Amortization: 30 years amortization or interest only option available

Eligible Properties: Multifamily, office, warehouse, self-storage, and mixed-use property types

Income: No Personal or Business Tax Returns Required
LTV: Max LTV of 65%

Loan Amount: $2,000,000.00 to $50,000,000.00

Recourse: Non-Recourse

Borrower: All loans are required to close in the name of a Single Purpose LLC

Tax & Insurance Escrows: Tax and Insurance escrows required on all loans

Foreign National: Borrower must have a checking account in a US based Bank

Looking for a Lite Doc Loan? Here is what the new terms look like for one of my lenders!

Property Types: Commercial, Multifamily, and 1-4 Unit Long-Term Leased Investor Residential (Income Producing Properties only)

Lending Areas: Nationwide U.S. lending except ND, NV, and SD in Primary and Secondary Markets (Top 120 MSAs)

Rates: 5.5% to 8%

Loan Amounts: $400,000 – $4,000,000

Loan Structure: Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans. 5, 7, or 10 year terms.

LTV: Up to 65.0% (70% Case by Case)

DSCR Minimum: 1.20x
Credit Score Minimum: 620
Amortizations: 25 or 30 Years
Recourse: Full
Prepayment: Locked for half the term and opens up during the last 3 months for free; in between at a penalty of 3-5pts declining 1% per year
Debt Yield: Minimum 9.0%
Rate Considerations: Dependent on LTV, Debt Yield, DSCR, and Borrower Experience. Contact us for details.
Rate Adjustments: Property Type, Credit Score, Borrower Net Worth/Liquidity, Loan Purpose, and Market Size.
Loan Reserves: 12 Months of PITI Reserves required.
Deposits and Fees: Variable.

New! Hard Money Lender

Quick and easy hard money lender who offers money at 12% for 1 to 3 years. Unfortunately only funding in NJ, NY,FL, CT. (If you need funding in another state don’t worry because I have Hard Money lenders in other states)

12%  2-3 point   1-3 year Loan No Pre Pay


No Fico

Bad Credit OK

Fast Closing

New!  Equity based funding in Eastern PA, NJ, MD, DC and DE,
  • Equity-Based Private Lending
  • 100% Acquisition & Construction Financing
  • (Case by Case most lenders offer 80ltv Purchase and Construction)
  • Loans Up To 65% Of The After Repaired Value
  • Fast Closings & 24 Hour Approvals
  • Lending On Investment Residential And Commercial Properties

Funding Restricted Eastern PA, NJ, MD, DC and DE.

No min or max. Any Fico.  Any kind of investment or commercial property

Please email your experience in the last three years and your loan request to mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

New!  #1 Foreign National Program in the country, offering same day loan approvals and closings under 15 days
  • Foreign Nationals- Non Owner Occupied
    • No Income Verification
    • No DTI
    • No CPA Letters
    • No DSCR on Residential Properties
    • No Reserves
    • Passport Only
    • Up to 75% LTV – Purchase and R/T
    • Up to 70% LTV – Cashout
    • Loan Amounts up to $15,000,000 (Min 100,000)
    • Rates as low as 5%
    • Venezuelans- OK
    • Closing funds can be in a US or Foreign Account
    • Can close in personal name or LLC

All Foreign Nationals are considered credit grade A.

75% Purchase / 70% R/T/ 65% C/O

Loans are fixed for 5 years you can add to the rate for a 7 and 30 year fixed. All loans are amortized for 30 years.


Refinance 75%


6.125 / Par

Credit Grade “A”

Up to LTV

Rates / Points

700+ Fico


4.875 / Par

Mtg 0x30 (12 months)


4.990 / Par

No BK 2 Years


5.125 / Par

No Short Sale 3 years


5.250 / Par

No FC Last 3 years


5.375 / Par

Purchase 80%


5.625 / Par

Refinance 75%


6.375 / Par

Property Types Residential:
•SFR, Condo, Condotel, Townhouse, 2 – 4 Units.
•5+ units (multi-family) and mixed-use (51% has to be residential)
•Available in all states listed above.
•< 70% LTV must be located in populous area (no rural).
•> 70% LTV must be located in metropolitan areas.
Loan Terms:
•5 and 7-year interim fixed variable rate 30 year fully amortized product Index – 6-month Libor – Margin 7.95 – Caps 2/1/6 – Floor = Start Rate
Let’s discuss your foreign national loan scenarios.
Call me today! (201)925-3470 or email me at: mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com


Looking for Motel, Hotel or Rooming House Funding! 

Program Details:

  • Hotel, Motel, or Rooming House / Max 65% Purch & 60% Refi
  • Loan amounts from $200,000 to $3 million
  • Interest only payment available or principal and interest
  • 5/1 Arm or 7/1 Arm – 30 year amortized payment

   Rates start at 6.75%


  • Narrative Business Plan
  • Pro forma spreadsheet
  • P&L statement
  • Three months of business bank statements
  • Articles of Incorporation w/ Stock certificates
  • Articles of Organization w/ Operating agreement

Require 1003 application and credit report to quote!

Email loan request to Mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

NEW!! SBA Loan Program!

C.M.U now offers a brand new 30-Year Amortization Option for 504 1st TDs and Small Balance Commercial Loans!

The majority of lenders and banks won’t consider a long-term amortization. In fact, many only offer a 20-year loan.

30-year commercial mortgages provide borrowers with the flexibility to lower their monthly obligation along with the option of making extra payments without penalty.

30-Year and 25-Year Amortization Options

1.1:1 DSCR SBA 504 Loans

1.15:1 DSCR Small Balance Commercial

FICO as low as 600

Please inquire about this new loan program for commercial owner occupied property types!

We are active in the following property types

  • Financing commercial real estate when the small business owning the CRE occupies more than 51% of the space ad leases out no more than 49%
  • Leasehold improvement financing in the space being leased by the small business
  • All industry types, no exclusions
  • Construction to perm financing
  • Conventional Bank Loans.

Up to 90% funding for 7A SBA
Loan Guidelines
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Business acquisition
  • Refinance debt
  • Purchase of commercial real estate
  • Partner buyouts
  • Payoff seller notes
  • Select construction projects
  • Rate in the 6%’s
  • Loan amounts ranging from $250,000 – $5,000,000
  • Up to 25 year term and amortization
  • Up to 90% financing

New!  Brand new construction project funding?
Multi-Unit Construction Loans
  • Up to 20 units
  • Borrow 100% of build costs (Must be seasoned in order to receive funds)
  • Rates from 8.99%
  • LTV: Max 65%
  • LTC: Max 85%
  • Little/no money down if lot is owned
  • Permit-ready project
  • Easy draw process
  • 12-18 month terms

New!      Looking for Asset Based construction loan? USA

Offering construction loans on asset based projects

throughout the U.S./Canada




 Prefer shovel ready ground up construction to 80 % LTC (normally $5 -15MM) and 3MM+-15mm  for refinancerehabs, throughout the commercial sector,


Non-recourse loans, 5.85-6.25% fixed (subj. to change) 30/10 at Par


We loan to 80 % LTC, normally from 4MM minimum to 15/16MM depending on the project, subject to underwriting/appraisal. All loans are non-recourse, normally baseline 5.95-6.25% Fixed 30/10 at Pa


We loan to 70% LTV, normally from 3MM minimum to 15MM Maximum, depending on the project, subject to underwriting/appraisal All loans are non-recourse, normally baseline 5.95%-6.25% Fixed 30/10 at Par


Property Types:


Special use projects, hospitality/medical/assisted living or mixed use.


Docs Needed:


Need a summary, to include a cost breakdown, pro forma of project, REO, and PFS,

(real estate owned and Personal financial statement) (if available) of sponsor entity, and a narrative of the project (pictures/old appraisal if available).with Purchase/Sale agreement/& escrow instructions. A breakdown of sources and uses of funds, if available.


New Construction | Multifamily | Commercial | SFR | Land and Subdivision

Lending Guidelines Typical Loan Size: $250,000 to $50 million
Term: 6 months to 18 months, with renewal options 
Loan-to-cost (LTC): no requirement 
Loan-to-value (LTV): up to 65% Loan
Approval & Funding: in as few as 5 days of commitment
Draws: typically out within 24 to 48 hours of request 
Underwriting Decisions: all decisions made in-house Offers
short-term, first deed of trust loans secured by real estate to fund the acquisition, renovation, rehabilitation or development of residential or commercial properties. 
Please email your loan request because each loan is based on many things such as State, Population, Fico, Experience,Reserves etc.

Looking for a Jumbo long term loan or Bridge Loan? 

Example: Medical Center, Warehouse, Retail Strip, Mixed Use, Apartment Building.

Perhaps you have just built a large owner occupied or investment property and now need to refinance into a long term loan or buy out your partner?

Our Loan Parameters

  Permanent Bridge
Loan Amounts $3-30 million $5-30 million
Collateral First Mortgages First Mortgages
Interest Rates Fixed rates priced over Treasuries Floating starting at LIBOR + 300bps
Loan Term 5-10 years and up to 30 on a case-by-case basis 1-5 years including extensions
Maximum LTV/LTC LTV Up to 75% LTC Up to 80%
Recourse Generally non-recourse, standard carve-outs only Generally non-recourse, standard carve-outs only
Prepayment Subject to defeasance or yield maintenance Open, subject to minimum interest or yield maintenance
Amortization Varies on a case-by-case basis Interest only generally with amortization structured on deal-by-deal basis
Fees Origination Fees: 0-1%

Are you looking for funding but your town is very Rural? Perhaps you qualify for our new USDA Loan Program! (Construction Loan)
 We are proud to announce our partnership with a new USDA firm providing added flexibility to a traditional government backed loan product.
Loan Proceeds can be used to refinance existing debt, ground-up construction, acquire real estate, purchase machinery/ equipment (FF&E), and for working capital.
We look forward to assisting with your capital needs.
Rough Terms:
Loan size: 1 Million -20 Million
Population: 50K Or Less
Term: 25 years.
Rate: 7-8%
LTV: Up to 80%
Property Types: All Are Considered But Must Be Owner Managed
Locations: Nationwide Consulting Fee: 2%
Balance Sheet Equity: 10% or more
Lateral can be property or a business

New Bank Loan Products!

Looking for a Full Documentation Bank Loan?

Here are some current  rates for a few of our products.

We are be happy to discuss options with you and your client based on their particular needs.

The following Bank only funds in the Tri State Area. If you have a Bank Loan Refinance or Purchase outside the NJ/NY Tri State Area I have other loan products that are similar.

Commercial Mortgage Unlimited offers the biggest variety of up to date Short and Long Term Bank Loans and Full Doc, Lite and No Tax Returns Stated Loan Programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for below in the new programs section go to the top of the page and find your particular category and I am sure you will find what you need on another page. If not simple email me at mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com and I will help. Many loan programs are custom tailored to their situation.

Below are a few different very popular property type Bank Loan Programs…..


Multi-Family Property   (5 Residential Units and Up)
3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3 ARM 30 YEAR AMORTIZATION

Rate                                    Price

3.500%                                101

3.250%                                PAR


Rate                                    Price

3.750%                                101

3.375%                                PAR

15 Year Fixed

Rate                                     Price

4.375%                                  101

4.000%                                  PAR    

10 Year Balloon 25 YEAR AMORTIZATION

Rate                                     Price

4.500%                                  101

4.125%                                  PAR      


Rate                                     Price

4.125%                                  101

3.750%                                  PAR    

Mixed Use Property  (1-4 Residential Units + *3 commercial units)

3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3 ARM 30 YEAR AMORTIZATION

Rate                                    Price

3.875%                                101

3.500%                                PAR

Rate                                    Price

4.250%                                 101

 4.000%                                PAR

15 Year Fixed

Rate                                     Price

4.625%                                  101

4.250%                                  PAR    

10 Year Balloon 25 YEAR AMORTIZATION

Rate                                     Price

4.625%                                  101

4.375%                                  PAR    


Rate                                     Price

4.500%                                  101

4.250%                                  PAR   

Mixed-Use with more than 3 commercial units will be considered at higher rates

Looking for funding for SFR Investment Property or Portfolio Loan?

New Programs! (Nationwide)

Single Property & Blanket Loan

Property Types: SFR 1-4/PUDs/Condos (Min Value of each property must be at least $50,000) (Minimum 2 properties can be blanketed)

Term Length: 30 Year, Fully Amortized
Interest Rate (ARM): 5.25% – 7.900%
Minimum Loan Amount: $50,000
Maximum Loan Amount: $1,000,000
Maximum LTV: 75%
Minimum Credit Score: 620
Debt-to-Income for Borrower: None

SFR Portfolio Blanket loan! – Rates starting at 3.82% 

Product Highlights 

  • Loan Size from $500,000 to $20,000,000
  • 5,7 and 10 year terms amortized over 30 years 
  • Up to 75% LTV 
  • Loan Size from $500,000 to $20,000,000
  • Cash-Out 
  • Minimum Middle Fico Score 660
  • Non-Recourse loans 
  • SFR’s Town homes, Condos (Small Balance Multifamily’s 1-20 units can be included into the loan) 
  • Rates based on LTV and loan size 


Looking to Purchase or Refinance a 1-4 Unit Apartment Building? No Doc – Lite Doc – Full Doc Loan Program

New ! 1-4 Unit Rental Property program specifically designed for the real estate investor. (Nationwide)

  • Rates starting at 5.875%
  • Loan amounts from $75K to $2M *
  • Credit Score 600 (<600 case-by-case)
  • LTV’s up to 80%
  • No tax return and/or bank statement programs available
  • Qualify based off the DSCR 1.10 of the property, not the DTI of the borrower
  • Minimum DSCR 1.10x
  • No add-ons for cash-out
  • 3-, 5-, and 7-year hybrid programs, fully amortized for 30 years

 New!  Popular 1- 4 Unit Long Term Stated Loan Program

 Long Term Rental Program Basic Parameters

  • CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, NC, OR, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • 5, 7 & 10 year options – Interest only periods
  • Up to 75-80% LTV (LTV varies by state and qualifications)​
  • Starting Rate at 6.625%
  • 2-3 Weeks to Close
  • Minimum FICO of 600
  • $75,000-$2,000,000 Loan Amount Per Property
  • We Lend to Individuals and Entities
  • 1 to 1.1 DSCR Requirement
  • No Income Verified (No Pay Stubs, Tax Returns, W-2s)
  • Foreign Nationals Welcome with Min 600 Score
  • Cash Out, Purchase and Rate & Term
  • Blanket Loans/Crosses allowed
  • Property Types:
    SFRs & 2-4 Unit Properties only
  • Step Down Prepay depends on term

Below are a few examples of popular  long term loan programs for clients  looking to purchase or refinance an investment property or owner occupied commercial property. 

Types of Stated Loan Programs: (There are two type of No Doc Stated Loan Programs! The first kind requires the property to cash flow or debt service.

The second type is based on property value.

Below are programs that require D.C.R but I also offer other programs that will accept a low fico (580 min) and don’t require a certain Debt service.

Full Documentation Loan: is when you the borrower provides 2 years tax returns and 3 months Bank Statements. Its a no dock loan but by providing these items you qualify for a better rate as much as an entire point of rate. Much less documentation than a traditional bank loan which we also offer.
Lite Doc: is when you the borrower provides just 3 months Bank Statements. We will still require a filled out application, rent roll and 2 years operating statement.
No Doc Loan: is considered a loan where the borrower does not provide tax returns and bank statements. This does not mean you provide no documentation an application, rent roll and operating statement is needed for all of these long term loans. Furthermore, these particular programs prefer a 650 or better middle fico score. Fortunately if your score is not 650 or better I offer other loan programs with slightly higher rates. For instance if you have a 600 fico middle score I could offer 7% fixed for 5 years 30 am or 8.99% fixed for 30 years. Every deal is different so please feel free to email your loan request or call me to discuss your loan. Thanks 
No Doc 1-4 Unit Loan : Residential Investment
Loan Amount $100,000 – $2M
Rates  5.65%
Min fico  650
Max Ltv  80
Min DSCR  1.00
Docs needed:  No tax returns or 4506T required

No Doc Loan : Residential and Commercial Investment Properties / Commercial Owner Occupied
Loan Amount $100,000 – $500,000
Rates  5.99%+
Min fico  650
Max Ltv  75
Min DSCR  1.15
Docs  needed: No bank statements,tax returns,leases, rent roll, or operating statement required

Lite Doc Loan : Residential and Commercial Investment Properties / Commercial Owner Occupied
Loan Amount 250,000 – 2 m
Rates  6%+
Min fico  650
Max Ltv  80
Docs needed:   No tax returns or 4506T required 

Full Doc Loan:   Residential and Commercial Investment Properties / Commercial Owner Occupied
Loan amount 250,00 – 5 m
Rates  5.750
Min fico 700
Max ltv 80
Min  dscr  1.15
Docs   Full doc tax returns and bank statements

Looking to purchase or refinance a larger Multi Family Apartment Building? USA

For $1 million to $7.5 million loans, we provide the most reliable, fastest apartment building loan process in the industry with incredibly competitive rates.

Freddie Mac Highlights! Small Balance Loan

  • Rate: 4.01% – 4.21%  5   Year Term   ( 54321) Pre Pay
  • Rate: 4.27% – 4.47%  7   Year Term   (544321) Pre pay
  • Rate:  4.43%- 4.58%  10 Year Term   ( 5544332211) Pre Pay 
  • Two other pre pay options available for all three terms!
  • Loans from $1 million – $7.5 million
  • Up to 80% LTV on refinances and purchases
  • Non-recourse
  • Partial IO available with max leverage and cash out
  • Full term IO available at 1.35x/65%  1.25x/80%

Balance Sheet Bridge Program: (Nationwide) ( Here is a Short Term Loan for larger loan amounts)

Ø  Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial, and Self-Storage (Value-Add opportunities)

Ø  Flexible loan terms & prepay (12-36 Months with extension options available up to 60 Month total term)

Ø  Up to 80% Loan to Purchase plus CapEx costs or 75% of stabilized value

Ø  1% Lender Fee, 1% Exit Fee; Exit Fee is waived depending which lender is used.

Ø  Pricing from 325bps to 425bps plus 30 day LIBOR (lower spreads targeted for multifamily and deals with in-place cash flow)

Ø  Minimum Loan Amount:  $5MM Multifamily; $7.5MM Commercial (up to $50MM)

Ø  Interest Only

Ø  Non-Recourse

Additional Products Offered:

·         Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Small Balance (Shown Above

·         Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Conventional

·         Affordable Debt

·         FHA

New Programs for Construction Loan! (Nationwide)

Lending Guidelines: 620 Minimum Fico Score, Purchases to 80% LTV, Refinances to 75% LTV, Rehab Fund to 100% LTV, Ground Up Construction to 80% LTV,  Single Room Occupancy to 80% LTV, Land Loans to 50% LTV.

(No Debt Service Coverage Required, No Debt To Income Required, Vacant Properties OK)


Loan Types: Cash Out, Fix & Flips, Purchase Money, Refinance Transactions, Rehab Loans. Conversions, Construction Completion Funds, Ground Up Construction, Land Loans, Foreign Nationals.


Property Types: Single Family Residences, 2-4 Unit Residences, Multi-Family Buildings, Office Buildings, Retail Buildings, Strip Malls, Industrial Buildings, Self-Storage Facilities, Mixed Use, Land Loans, Single Room Occupancy.

Some common uses of our funds are:

  • Refinance
  • Acquisition
  • Bridge to HUD
  • Cash-out
  • Partner buyout
  • Bridge to stabilization

New Commercial Construction (Nationwide)

80% LTV

65% ARV Nationwide 

Quick Closings

6-24 Month Terms

Rates Starting at 8%

3 Hour Commitments

1-4 Family Residential

REO/Short Sale Savvy

650 Minimum Credit Score

2nd Lien Position Available

Foreclosure Auctions

Bank REO’s/Short Sales

Mixed-Use & Commercial Properties

Bridge Loans

Speculator Friendly Non-Owner Occupied Properties

Land Loans at 50% LTV

Ground Up Construction

No Debt Service Coverage

Commercial Acquisition and Construction Loan (Nationwide)

LTV  80% Purchase and 80% Refinance

Fico  620+

Pre payment  3- 6 Months

Term    6-24 Months

Min Loan  800,000

Max Loan  100m or more.

New! Foreign National Loan Program for Acquisition and Acquisition and Renovation of a 1-4 unit investment property.

Example:  Canadian or any other Foreign National.

Please email and inquire.   mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

Offering: 90% LTC 

Rate: 10.5% Interest Only 

2.5-3.5 Points Total

Deployment: closing and origination out of proceeds

then we hold back the renovation money to be distributed in draws

Best Fix and Flip Program for 1-4 Unit (Nationwide)

Purchase and renovate an investment property in order to flip and sell…

90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
Loan to ARV: Up to 75%
Term Length: 12 – 13 months

New High Leverage fix and flip bridge loan product for qualified investors 

Product Highlights 

  • Rates Start at 7.25% 
  • 90% of Purchase 
  • 100% of construction financed 
  • up to 75% ARV
  • Experience required 

New! 100% Fix and Flip Loan!

Purchase and Rehab Funds

Up to 100% of purchase and rehab costs for qualified.

100% funding for a Fix and Flip for 1-4 unit investment properties does not mean free!

Normally they say 100% but you need a certain amount of reserves in the Bank.

We can lend 100% of purchase and rehab

Ex 300,000 Loan (Need $25,000 – $30,000 in reserves)

Credit Score: 620 Min Fico (Fico will need a co borrower)

Interest Only: Rate as low as 10.99%

LTV: Up to 65% (Based on After Repair Value)

Loan size: $50,000 to $2,000,0000

Appraisal Fee:  $400-$600 Typically

Property Type:  1-20 unit non-owner occupied residential, mixed use, commercial & modular Income Documented (personal, business , net rental)

*No prepay penalty or exit fees on ANY Loans

*Extensions Available Up to 6 months

(Must be a legal resident in the United States)

Example: Term Length

4  Months  Rate  10.99%  Points  3 points

8  Months  Rate  11.49%  Points  3.5 points

12 Months Rate  11.99%  Points  3.5-5 Points

       We will offer extensions as needed on any of these terms, provided the borrower has made all on time payments, shows progress through the rehab portion of the project and have an exit strategy. In all situations, we will extend for the first month free of charge, then 1% of the total loan amount due on the 1st of the month in order to extend the loan through that month. (Ex: if a $150,000 – 12 month loan closed on 2/2/18, we would extend it through 2/28/19 for free, but a 1% fee in the amount of $1,500.00 would be due on March 1, 2019 to extend it through March 31, 2019). There will be a maximum of 5 loan extension fees charged during any 12 month period. ***Under $80,000.00 will still be a 12 month loan at 14.5% and 4.0 points with no additional term lengths offered.***

Looking for a normal Short Term Loan ? We provide residential and commercial private money loans from $100,000 up to $3,000,000 Nationwide in as little as 7 business days.

Twelve Month Residential Loans

PURCHASE LOANS: Up to 75% of the purchase price (80% on case-by-case basis).
PURCHASE AND REHAB LOANS: Up to 80% of the cost and not to exceed 70% ARV. 20% down payment.
REFINANCE AND REHAB: Refi up to 65% LTV if property is free and clear or up to 65% based upon leverage with existing lender. Renovation up to 70% ARV. Only applicable on loan terms up to 12 months.

Property Type –   Residential Loan:  Single Family and Multi Family

Loan Amount $100,000 to $3,000,0000

Loan Term   12 Months

Interest Rate:  From  7.99%

Use of Funds:    Bridge, Purchase, Refinance, Renovation, or Cash Out.


Twelve Month Commercial Loans

PURCHASE LOANS: Up to 75% of the purchase price (80% on case-by-case basis).
PURCHASE AND REHAB LOANS: Up to 80% of the cost and not to exceed 70% ARV. 20% down payment.
REFINANCE AND REHAB: Refi up to 65% LTV if property is free and clear or up to 65% based upon leverage with existing lender. Renovation up to 70% ARV. Only applicable on loan terms up to 12 months.
COMMERCIAL LOANS (12 MONTHS) PURCHASE LOANS: Up to 70% of the purchase price.
PURCHASE AND REHAB LOANS: Up to 70% of the purchase price. Not to exceed 65% ARV.
REFINANCE AND REHAB: Refi up to 65% LTV if property is free and clear or up to 65% based upon leverage with existing lender. Renovation up to 65% ARV.

Property Type –  Commercial Loan:  Mixed Use, Apartments, Industrial, Hotel, Motel, Retail

Loan Amount $100,000 to $3,000,0000

Loan Term   12 Months

Interest Rate:  From  8.99%

Use of Funds:    Purchase, Bridge, Refinance, Renovation, or Cash Out.

If you are interested in one of the loan programs simply email or call! mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

POPULAR REHAB FINANCING PROGRAM…This is a rehab loan only available in this states. The loans above are nationwide!

  • AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, NC, NV, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA
  • Financing up to 100% of the total rehab budget (% varies based on borrower’s level of experience)
  • • Max 70-75% of ARV
  • • Funds are disbursed over draws upon verification of completed work
  • • Interest paid on total loan amount, including undrawn funds
  • • Pricing: Same Rates and Origination Fee Apply
  • • Additional lender fee to cover Project Feasibility Report, GC Review, and draws:
  • – 1-4 Units +$1,075
  • – 5-10 Units +$1,350
  • – 11-20 Units +$1,500

General Guidelines for fast Short Term Funding… The above program is for rehab)

New Hard Money Loan Program! Below is a normal interest only bank statement only no income verification no fico hard money loan program offering rates in the 8%’s with 1,2,and 4 years terms.

  • Loan Amount from $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • Non Owner Occupied
  • AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, NC, NV, OR, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA
  • Bank statements only / No income verification
  • Interest only payments
  • Quick Closings! 4-10 business days
  • Interest rates based on experience & FICO
  • Cross collateralize option for multiple properties
  • Foreign National program
  • No minimum FICO requirements (Credit Conscious)


LENDING CRITERIA                     1 YEAR               2 YEAR                4 YEAR

INTEREST RATE:                                  8.50%+                8.50%+                   8.50%+

LTV MAX :                                           75% – 80%            75% – 80%              75% – 80%

MAX LOAN-TO-PURCHASE:               90%                       90%                         90%

 LENDER POINTS:                                  2                                2                             2

FICO REQUIREMENT:                      NONE                       500                         640

LENDER FEE:                                     $1,195                        $1,195                    $1,195

PREPAYMENT PENALTY:               NONE                   8 MONTHS             18 MONTHS

TERM EXTENSION FEE:       1 POINT / 6 Month    1 POINT / 6 Month          NONE

LOAN AMOUNTS:                      $100K – $5M                 $100K – $5M          $100K – $5M

DSCR REQUIREMENT:                 NONE                            90%                               100%

CLOSING TIME FRAME:             4-10 DAYS                   4-10 DAYS                    4-10 DAYS


80% LTV available to well qualified borrowers on properties located in major metropolitan areas. LTV is subject to decrease based on property location, property condition, and borrower qualifications. Financing up to 90% of the purchase price, so long as not exceeding designated max LTV. 
We have no minimum FICO for our 1 year product.
The FICO is going to dictate rate and LTV we can lend.


PRODUCT                                      PROPERTY TYPE                                              COST

BPO                                               SFR, 2-4 UNITS, CONDOS                                $295                                                                                                                         CA-Property value= $2m                     

                                                 Other States – Property value < $1.5MM

COMMERCIAL EVAL             5-10 UNIT MULTIFAMILY                                  $895

                                                  CA-Property value < $2MM

                                           Other States – Property value < $1.5MM

APPRAISAL                              CA-Property value > $2MM 

                                           Other States – Property value > $1.5MM

                                                    11-20 UNIT MULTIFAMILY                                   TBD

We have no minimum FICO for our 1 year product.
The FICO is going to dictate rate and LTV we can lend.

Nationwide Funding for Programs Below….

Borrower who owns an investment property or  lot free-and-clear wants capital for construction.

Loan to ARV: 70%
Term Length: 13 months

Borrower in need of one S.F.R loan for both rehab and rental

Property Types: SFR 1-4
Term Length: 13 Months for Construction Loan
30 years for Permanent Loan

Investor who owns an investment property free-and-clear in need of construction costs and permanent rental financing

Property Types: SFR 1-4
Loan Type: Construction-only refinance
Term Length: 13 Months for Construction Loan
30 Years for Permanent Loan

Best Long Term Fixed Loan for 1-4 Units.

Term Length: 30 Year, Fully Amortized
Interest Rate (ARM): 5.00% – 7.275%
Interest Rate (30-Year, Fully Amortized): 5.75% – 7.65%
Term Options: 5/1 ARM, 10/1 ARM, and 30-Year Fully-Amortized
Property Types: SFR 1-4/PUDs/Condos
Non-Recourse?: Yes
Minimum Loan Amount: $500,000 & 5 Properties
Minimum Property Value: $60,000
No Maximum Loan Amount
Maximum LTV: 80%
Minimum Credit Score: 620
Debt-to-Income for Borrower: None

New !   Seeking Bridge Loan from $3,000,0000 to $25 Million  ($5m to $15m Preferred
  • Purpose: Fixed rate financing on income- producing properties.
  • Rates:  7.50% – 9.50% ( Pricing is based on transaction quality, location and leverage. 
  • Term: 1 to 3 year initial term, extensions negotiable, 5 year maximum
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • Loan Amounts: $3 million to $25 million
  • Type: Income Producing (stabilized and non-stabilized)
  • Preferred Type: Office, Industrial, Multifamily, Retail, Mixed-Use, Self-Storage, Manufactured Housing, Healthcare
  • Location: Nationwide (Primary, Secondary and select Tertiary Markets)
  • LTV: Up to 75% of “As Is” value or LTC
  • Payments: Payments calculated on an interest only basis and made via auto debit from borrowers account
  • Loan Fee: Typically 2%
  • Liability: Recourse and non-recourse loans available
  • Minimum DSCR: 1.05x (with interest reserve)
  • PREPAYMENT: Typically a minimum of 6-12 Months interest reserves
  • Secondary Financing:  None Permitted
  • Other Costs:  Generally $10,000 – $15,000 plus legal fee

New!  Looking for a Short Term Bridge Loan in the New England Area or Construction Loan?

Lending in RI, MA, NH, ME and FL 

  • (New Construction | Renovations | Residential | Multifamily | Commercial)
  • New Construction up to 100% of construction costs
  • Rehab loan structure – generally 80-90% of purchase and 100% construction/renovation
  • Term: 12 to 18 mos loans – no additional costs to do 18-months
  • $100,000 minimum  and $4,000,000 MAX
  • LTV Up to 7% of As Complete or As renovated Value
  • Interest rate: 11-12% interest-only
  • Interest charged on the drawn amount, not full loan amount
  • As low as 2 points – Can split the points to 1 at close and 1 at exit
  • 48 hour approval
  • Construction advances in 48 Hours
  • No financial docs needed
  • Can close in as early as 5 days
  • Credit requirements (Minimal Criteria)
  • Appraisal not required.

New!  Short Term Bridge Loan for the following states:

  • AZ, CA, WA, FL, OR, TX, CO, HI, NV, TN, UT, NC, VA, SC, GA
  • Non-Owner Occupied Properties
  • 1 and 2 Year Options
  • Up to 75-80% LTV (LTV varies by state and qualifications)
  • Interest Starting At 7.99%
  • 5-10 Business Days to Close
  • No Minimum FICO Requirement
  • $100,000-$10,000,000 Loan Amount Per Property
  • We Lend to Individuals and Entities
  • No DSCR Requirement
  • No Income Verified (No Pay Stubs, Tax Returns, W-2s)
  • Foreign Nationals Welcome
  • Cash Out, Purchase and Rate & Term
  • Blanket Loans/Crosses allowed
  • Property Types:
    ​ SFRs, Condos, 2-100 Unit Multifamily Properties
  • 1 Year no prepay

Product Highlights
1. No prepayment penalties on 1 year terms.
2. No impounds/escrows on any bridge products. 3. No experienced required.
4. Non-Recourse
5. Cash Out up to 80% LTV
6. We allow 2nds, seller carries, JVs, and closing    


Eligible Borrowers for most of our loan programs!

• Owner, Non Owner Occupied or Investment

• Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation

• Foreign Nationals

• Visa, Green Card, or None

• Borrowers in Bankruptcy

• Borrowers in Foreclosure or Bailouts

• Owned by Sole Proprietorship, LLC or Corporation

• Borrowers in Probate/Trust

• Trust, Living Trust, Non Revoke

• Attorney in Fact

We work with lenders such as:
    • Hedge Funds

    • Private Lenders
    • Insurance companies

    • C.M.B.S Lenders
    • Credit Unions,

    • National Banks, Regional Banks, Local Banks, Investment Banks

    • Non Bank Lenders

    • Wholesale Lenders

    • Retail Lenders

    • REIT’s

    • Government Agencies


Looking for no pre payment penalty on a long term loan?

  • Unfortunately, there is normally always a pre payment penalty unless you bump the rate or buy it down for an extra 1 or 2 points.
  • What I can offer is the ability to pay 20% of the loan yearly with out effecting the pre pay penalty. Pre pay fixed for 3 years 5% for 3 years or fixed for 5 years 54321

New Long Term No Doc Program!

  • NEW – 30/30 Program – NEW:
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate – 30 Year Amortization
  • NO Tax Returns Required
  • NO 4506T Forms
  • Funds Into Your LLC
  • 3 Year Declining Pre-Payment Penalty – 3%-2%-1%-0
  • 75% Of As Is Value
  • Unlimited Cash Out
  • $75,000 – $5,000,000+ Loan Size
  • Rates Ranges 6.99 – 7.5% – (Based Upon Credit-Loan Size-LTV-Type Of Property-Cash Flow)
  • 620 Minimum FICO
  • Close As Fast As 2-3 Weeks

     Designed for investors seeking a simple financing solution for purchase or refinance, with the flexibility
to remain in the loan for up to 30 years.
• Great for qualifying W-2, self-employed investors and small business owners.
• Based on the property value and its revenue generating potential.
• Best alternative to hard money loans.
• Available as a 3-year-fixed or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years.

Also available for fixed for 5, 7, 10 30 am or fixed for 30 years!
Investor 1-4 (SFR, Condo, and 2-4 Units), Multi-Family
(5+ Units), Mixed-Use, and Commercial (Office, Retail,
Warehouse, Self-Storage, and Automotive)

Commercial Mortgages

(Residential and Commercial Investment properties.

            Secure the funds you need for the acquisition or refinance of your property. 

            Offering Lite, Full, and No Tax Returns long term loans. US and Foreign Nationals.                                                                         

Multifamily (including 1-4 family)

  1. Mixed use
  2. Retail centers
  3. Office buildings
  4. Office and medical condominiums
  5. More listed below

Real Estate Secured Business Loans

If your company needs working capital, we offer real estate-secured loans for the following:

  1. Equipment purchasing or leasing
  2. Inventory acquisition
  3. Refinancing
  4. Expansion

Construction Loans

We currently offering flexible term financing for:

  1. New construction
  2. Renovation
  3. Land acquisition and site development
  4. Office and medical condominium
  5. Investment Properties


Please fill out our online form or email us your scenario:  mark@commercialmortgageunlimited.com

Commercial Mortgage Unlimited LLC is a nationwide correspondent lender who offers a wide range of loan products the banks simply do not offer. Our goal is to help investors reach their financial needs whether its a Auto Repair shop that needs renovation or a refinance, our staff of seasoned underwriters work with you, not the banks.
Many borrowers today have balloons or private mortgages due, some have been turned down by the local banks and do not know where to go for funding needed. Commercial Mortgage Unlimited is a nationwide mortgage firm that can provide you with the funding you need.
Our goal is to bring the best possible deal at the lowest rate to our customers.
Located at:  22 Tillman Drive, Glen Rock 07450
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    Mark Fulop the owner of Commercial Mortgage Unlimited LLC offers adjustable rate mortgages at competitive rates and terms. For more information please call  201-925-3470 , in order to speak with Mark or one of our representatives. We look forward to funding your loan requests in a timely manner. Most clients first email a detailed description of the loan request.

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