Non-recourse balance sheet lender $20-$250 million First Mortgage and Mezzanine (Office, industrial, multi-family, retail, flagged hospitality)


  • Relationship oriented portfolio lender
  • Flexible, non-recourse first mortgage debt
  • Loans held on balance sheet; not secured or sold

Popular lender providing borrowers short-to-medium term balance sheet capital for property acquisitions and recapitalization of existing assets. Loans up to 75% LTV/LTC for core to value-add transitional assets with the ability to structure for vacancy and lease-up. Hands-on, flat and flexible credit committee tailoring transactions to meet the needs of complex business plans.   

Lending Parameters

Loan size                $20-$250 million

Loan                         First Mortgage and Mezzanine

Product types        Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, Retail, Flagged Hospitality

Geography             United States

Loan term             2 to 10+ years

Loan to Value/ Loan to Cost      Up to 75% LTV/LTC

DSCR    Requirements      Existing DSCR’s below 1.0x   are acceptable

Interest rates/ Coupons    3.00%-5.00% (first mortgage); 6.00%-11.00% (mezzanine)

Loan fees        Typically 1.00% of the loan amount

Recourse        Non-recourse financing

Amortization      Interest Only

     Here is a great example of a lender who can fund an office building, industrial, multi family, retail, and flagged hospitality from 20m to 250m.