Stated Owner Occupied Program for commercial owner occupied

( SBA Alternative)

Owner Occupied transactions where the business owner has difficulty documenting their income for traditional lenders

No Tax Returns!

Credit strong investors or business owners looking for an alternative for restrictive bank financing

Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, Legal Entities

Property types: Daycare Center, Restaurant, Bar, Multifamily, Mixed use, Office, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse, Office, Self Storage, Mobile Home Park. 

Loan purpose: Purchase, Cash Out, Refinance

Investor type:  Owner Occupied 


Loan amounts:     $250,000 to $2 Million

Min middle credit score 650

Rates:    6% to 9%

Term     5- 7 year Hybrid

Pre payment penalty:   5% for first 3 years

Amortization   20,25,30

Rate:  6-9%   

Max LTV 80%  (Up to 80% LTV on all properties and this includes cash out transactions.