After Repair Value




After Repair Value – Repairs to a property can be the most effective way to increase its value. By applying for the After Repair Value (ARV) loan, you could be eligible for funding between $75,000 up to over $2.5 million, based on a 12-month term. See additional loan details and requirements below.

After Repair Value (ARV)

  • Term 12 Months
  • Loan Amount$75k to $2.5M+
  • LTV Up to 85% of the purchase price;
    up to 100% of renovation costs;
    Not to exceed 75% of the ARV

  • FICO 600 minimum
  • Property Types: Non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential
  • Property Type Exclusions ARV Owner Occupied
  • Pre-Pay Penalty N/A
  • Termination Fee 1% After Month 9
  • Extension Fee No Extension Option