Buy to Rent – Use hard money from private lenders to help you get your investment up and running. Access anywhere from $50,000 to over $2.5 million. Our buy to rent option will help you get up and running quickly, so you can start collecting a return on your investment. See additional loan details and requirements below.

Buy-to-Rent Loans

  • Term 24 Months (12-Month Extension Available)
  • Loan Amount$50k to $2.5M+
  • LTV Purchase – Lesser of up to 75% of the As-Is Value or Up to 75% Loan-to-Cost;
    Refinance – Up to 70% of the As-Is Value
    Cash-Out – Up to 65% of the As-Is Value

  • FICO 660 Minimum
  • Property Types 1-4 Family & Multi-Family Non-Owner Occupied Real Estate; Condos; Town homes; 5+ Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties
  • Property Type Exclusions Owner Occupied
  • Pre-Pay Penalty 5% Prior to Month 6
  • Termination Fee N/A
  • Extension Fee 1% for 12 Months