Non Asset Loans are available ! $50,000 to $400,000

Need money for Construction, Pay Credit Cards, or Down Payment?

Do you want to borrow the down payment? Normally I don’t suggest you do this because things can go side ways quickly if you owe money for the down payment as well as the loan you acquired in 1st position. Also I can only get you a non asset loan up to $400,000 so if you need more than that for a down payment I cannot help you.  If you have the down payment saved I suggest you apply for a loan i

n the normal manner. Also if you borrow the down payment I suggest you let the down payment sit in your bank account for 60 days. In order to produce 2 months bank statements if the lender asks for proof of funds.

 Whether you are looking for funding for your own business or for a client of yours, now is the right time to get funded! Our term loan program has been pumping out huge approvals with amazing interest rates. We are now able to get clients over $300,000! Below is a quick refresher on the term loan details and criteria:

A borrower must have at least a middle credit score of 680 and needs to be able to show personal tax returns from last year showing a minimum of $50,000 or more.  The rates range from 7-10% and the Term is 5 to 7 years. 

If you are interested I need a copy of a recent fico credit report and a copy of last years tax returns.

Example.  Client recently signed a 10 year lease for a Restaurant Start Up. He needed $100,000 in order to pay for the renovations for the new restaurant. Since he was waiting for his 4 unit apartment building to sell in the next few months he new he would be able to pay the loan back in full. Therefore, the loan loan made senses.  Closing time 7 days.


5 – 7 year term

7 – 10% Interest (APR)

$50,000 – $400,000 Approvals

Startups welcome

Cash deposited / Monthly payments

No early termination fees


680 Credit Scores (Co-signers accepted!)

$50,000 or more in personal income last year

Business credit lines

  • Revolving term (Keep open forever)
  • 0% interest the first 6-12 months
  • Only pay monthly for what you are using
  • Funding up to $150,000


  • 700 scores across the board or higher (Or co-signer with 700 scores)
  • Must have a business




  • 24-Hour Approval.
  • 48-Hour Closing.
  • Application Only Funding $10,000 to $ 175,000
  • Rates start at 6%.
  • Terms to 5 years.
  • New & used equipment.
  • Open, transparent, client-first platform with no surprises.
  • 625 + Fico
  • Client needs to be in business for at least 2 years.
  • Points 4-8 Points to the lender.

In order to qualify:

Minimum 625 FICO score
660 Business Paynet score
At least 2 years in business

TIER 1 PRICING:(Rates from 6% to
10%, App Only to $175k, at least 4 years
in business , minimum FICO 685).

TIER 2 PRICING: ( Rates from 10.5% to
13.5%; App. Only to $ 125K;at least 3
years in business, minimum 665 FICO

TIER 3 PRICING: ( Rates from 14% to
20%; App . Only to $ 75K; at least 2
years in business; minimum 625 FICO

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