Fix and Flip Mortgages

Short-term, interest-only loans for real estate investors

New!  Looking to put down 10% of the purchase and attain 100% of renovation?

One of the two following programs should be a match!

Best Fix and Flip Program for 1-4 Unit (Nationwide)

Purchase and renovate an investment property in order to flip and sell…

90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
Loan to ARV: Up to 75%
Term Length: 12 – 13 months

New High Leverage fix and flip bridge loan product for qualified investors

Product Highlights 

  • Rates Start at 7.25% 
  • 90% of Purchase 
  • 100% of construction financed 
  • up to 75% ARV
  • 600 Fico Minimum
  • Experience required 

New! 100% Fix and Flip Loan!

100% Purchase and Rehab Funds

Up to 100% of purchase and rehab costs for qualified.

100% funding for a Fix and Flip for 1-4 unit investment properties does not mean free!

Normally they say 100% but you need a certain amount of reserves in the Bank.

We can lend 100% of purchase and rehab

Ex 300,000 Loan (Need $25,000 – $30,000 in reserves)

Credit Score: 620 Min Fico (Fico will need a co borrower)

Interest Only: Rate as low as 10.99%

LTV: Up to 65% (Based on After Repair Value)

Loan size: $50,000 to $2,000,0000

Appraisal Fee:  $400-$600 Typically

Property Type:  1-20 unit non-owner occupied residential, mixed use, commercial & modular Income Documented (personal, business , net rental)

*No prepay penalty or exit fees on ANY Loans

*Extensions Available Up to 6 months

(Must be a legal resident in the United States)

Example: Term Length

4  Months  Rate  10.99%  Points  3 points

8  Months  Rate  11.49%  Points  3.5 points

12 Months Rate  11.99%  Points  3.5-5 Points

We will offer extensions as needed on any of these terms, provided the borrower has made all on time payments, shows progress through the rehab portion of the project and have an exit strategy. In all situations, we will extend for the first month free of charge, then 1% of the total loan amount due on the 1st of the month in order to extend the loan through that month. (Ex: if a $150,000 – 12 month loan closed on 2/2/18, we would extend it through 2/28/19 for free, but a 1% fee in the amount of $1,500.00 would be due on March 1, 2019 to extend it through March 31, 2019). There will be a maximum of 5 loan extension fees charged during any 12 month period. ***Under $80,000.00 will still be a 12 month loan at 14.5% and 4.0 points with no additional term lengths offered.***

Estimated Closing Cost
Property Address:
Estimated Closing Date 31-Oct-19

Month End Date: 31-Oct-19

Per Diem Days: 1
Purchase Price: 150,000

Repairs: 50,000

TOTAL PROJECT COSTS 200,000     We will lend 100% of the purchase price plus repairs up to 65% of the ARV
MAX LOAN AMOUNT 200,000 (This number is 65% of your estimated ARV)
Interest Rate: 11.49%
(Interest only Loan)
Term: 8 Months (No pre-payment penalty)
Per Diem: 63.83
Days of interest 1
Points: 2.50
Interest payments with-held 1
Points: 5,000.00
Underwriting fee: 500.00
Processing Fee: 400.00
Wire Fee: 45.00
Doc Prep Fee: 999.00
Interest Reserves held 1,915.00 (We Collect your 1st interest only payment at closing)
Per Diem 63.83
Estimated Due to Lender      8,922.83
Difference 0.00 Total 8,922.83
This estimate includes lenders fees and interest reserves only. It does not include title fees or homeowners insurance. We require a full 12 month policy paid in full prior to closing. You will be required to pay your Appraisal fee and Inspection fee at the time of the scheduled appointment. (We will order these).


If you are interested in attaining a Fix and Flip loan please start by answering the following questions and gathering the few items below?

How many flips in the last 2 years ?

Property address

Borrower entity

Personal guarantor

US citizen

Middle credit score?

Annual income

Liquid asset

Closing date


Purchase price

Escrow for construction

    1. Purchase and sale HUDs for flips in the last 24 months
    1. ID
    1. Two most recent bank statements showing liquid assets
    1. Most recent personal tax returns
  1. Business Entity Docs – Signed Operating Agreement, Certificate of Good Standing, and Articles of Organization

Rate (APR)



1-2 points

Purchase LTV

75% of purchase price. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers

Rehab LTV

75% of rehab cost. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers


Preferred but not required

FICO Score

No minimum FICO Score

Property Type

SFR, Multifamily 2-6 units. Can go up to 40 units for qualified deals.


Non-owner occupied only

Loan Size





12 months


3-7 days


No Application or Underwriting fees


Just Closed 9/15/2017

217 Auten St,Charlotte, NC 28208

217 Auten NC

Since I fund Fix and Flips, Gut Renovation, Land Loans and Ground Up I have tested most of the popular lenders out there.  

If you have a fico above 680 we can offer 70% of the After Repair Value which they call 100% funding.

But really 100% funding does not exist the amount ends up being at least 10% down for purchase and 100% for renovation.

Below are example of popular Fix and Flip Loan Programs…..


For the investor who wants to purchase and renovate an investment property in order to sell it.

90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
Loan to ARV: 70%
Term Length: 13 months

Bridge Plus

For the investor looking to purchase or refinance a property for resale or long-term financing.

75% of Total Costs or BPO Value (Whichever is lower)
Experience: 5+ completed flips in the last 24 months
Term Length: 13 months

Cash Out

For the investor who owns an investment property free-and-clear and desires to leverage that property for any reason.

Down Payment: 0% (if property is owned outright)
Loan to ARV: 50%
Term Length: 13 months


For the investor who owns an investment property or fully platted lot free-and-clear and is in need of capital for construction.

Down Payment: 0% (if property is owned outright)
Loan to ARV: 70%
Term Length: 13 months

If you’re looking to purchase or refinance a multifamily property — comprised of 5 or more units — in need of value-add rehab or currently turnkey ready, our Multifamily loan program is perfect for you.

Value-Add Rehab

Term Length: 2 years — No Pre-Payment Penalty
Rate: 8.99 – 10% — Interest Only
Loan Limits: $250,000 – $5MM
Loan-to-Cost (Purchase): 80%
Loan-to-ARV (Refinance): 70%


Term Length: 2 years — Extension Available
Rate: 7.50 – 8.10% — Interest Only
Loan Limits: $250,000 – $5MM
Loan-to-Value (Purchase): 75%
Loan-to-Value (Refinance with Cash-Out): 60%

Loan Advantages

Down payment as low as 20% for value-add purchases
No “As-Is” DSCR Requirements
Fees and Closing Costs may be rolled into the loan
Fast due diligence and closings
Dedicated analyst for each loan file
Cash Out options available

We offer the best fix and flip programs and ground up as well as the biggest variety. Through trial and error we have been able to identify the best fix and loan programs and best lenders. For instance lately I have been using a lender who funds based on  ARV (After Repair Value)


NEW PROGRAM!  100% Funding (Based off 65% of ARV (After Repair Value)

Below are two example of fix and flip loan programs that I use

Our basic terms on private hard money loans/rehab loans include:

Loan Size

$50,001 to $2,000,000 (2M)

Repair Funds

Up to 100% of repair cost


As low as 2.0 points (paid at closing)

Interest Only

As low as 11.9% interest (payable monthly)


Up to 65% (Based on After Repair Value) – On most loans we will fund 100% of the purchase and rehab costs up to 65% of the After Repair Value (ARV)


Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Virginia only


6-12 months – You must sell or refinance the property to pay off the loan

Credit Score

620 minimum – FICO scores below 620 will need a co-borrower or guarantor

Closing Costs

Additional closing costs are due at time of closing.

How does 100% funding work for a fix and flip. My point is its possible but nothing is 100%. I will explain how it works below.


200,000 purchase

80,000 renovation

400,000 After Repair Value

725 fico

no experience

We lend 100% of purchase and rehab up to 65% of the ARV. 400k ARV allows us to lend 260k. Borrower needs 280k. We will lend 260k and the remaining 20k will be brought to closing by the borrower in addition to the closing costs. All loans are structured this way. Anything over 65% of the ARV, the borrower will bring to closing in addition to closing costs. Closing costs for THIS loan will be about 16k

This is what 100% funding means

Below is several other fix and flip programs that require some money down.

First Loan Program Example Fix and Flip/Ground Up Construction Loan Program.
First Loan Program Example Fix and Flip/Ground Up Construction Loan Program.

Popular program I use a lot. Do you want to close in 7-10 days. Most other lenders take forever.

Financing: 1-4 Unit Residential

Normally the lender required 25% down but its 10-15% down at closing. The other money is just used as reserves.
600 fico min. Also you will receive your first draw for renovation at closing so it works out well.
Cash out refinance 75% LTV – No seasoning.
• Did another lender offer you 60-65% LTV? Immediately pull more cash out for future investments.

Normally the rate is 9-10% 2-3 points

Rehab your investment property
• Bring no cash to the closing table.
• Payoff your existing mortgage and receive rehab funds
• 75% ARV

Purchases, Fix & Flips, Bridge Loans
• 75% of purchase, 100% of repairs.
• Cross collateralize to receive 90% of purchase.

General Guidelines:
• No DTI Restrictions, Limited to No Income Verification
• $75,000-$2,000,000+ Loan Amounts
• 6, 12, & 24 Month Financing Terms – Interest Only
• Funding within 7-10 days of appraisal!
• Points starting at 2, interest rate starting at 9%
• States: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, LA, MD, MA, MI, NV, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA, WY

What documents do you need to get started?

First I will request a filled out application, credit report, and scope of work to start.

After I produce a quote I will request the following docs.

To move this file to underwriting:
Completed application
Borrower ID
2 months of bank statements
Contract – If applicable

Time Sensitive Documents:
Rehab budget and rehab plans – Needed to order appraisal
LLC information – EIN – needed to order background check.
Articles of Organization/Incorporation
Operating Agreement/Bylaws
Certificate of Good Standing
Title company contact information

Documents needed to close:
Appraisal – AS-IS and ARV – on hold until we receive rehab plans
HOI – must cover full loan amount – on hold until loan amount is confirmed by rehab budget/appraisal


Looking for a Fix and Flip or a Purchase and Hold loan?

We fund in all States except Vermont, Minnesota, South Dakota, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Poor or Bad credit no problem!

Competitive Rates!

Our Loans are for non-owner occupied Real Estate Investment Projects such as Fix and Flips from 3 to 9 months or Purchase and Holds from 3 to 36 months

If you have a fico score of 680 or below we can offer 55% of the After Repair Value.

New!!!!  If you have a fico above 680 we can offer 70% of the After Repair Value

If your Purchase and Rehab budget fits under 55% of your After Repair Value we will fund 100% of your purchase and rehab!


Purchase Price?  100,000

Renovation amount? 50,000

After Repair Value?  300,000

600 fico.

Total loan requested?   $150,000

ARV 300,000 times .55 =  $165,000

The lender will loan a max of $165,000    9 month loan   12

Up Front fees include:

$197 App fee for single Guarantor plus $97 for each additional Guarantor

Appraisal fees of $450 for residential, $4K to $5K for commercial appraisals

For Fix and Flips only a $360 Construction Inspection Specialist baseline inspection

If your rehab and purchase together exceed 55% then you will bring some rehab funds to close that will go into escrow then back to you in 3 Draws (20% First Draw, You Decide Draw #2 and #3)

Here is what we need:

1)      Photo ID

2)      Social Security Card

3)    Quick Score Property Report (CDNA Report) – use the orange link below

4)      Appraisal – we will order this when you are ready

5)      Contractors bid for rehab needed – Only for Fix and Flips

6)      Most recent three months’ worth of bank statements

7)      Federal EIN letter from IRS

8)      Articles of Incorporation for your LLC

9)      Purchase and sale agreement

10)   Preliminary title report – I just need contact information for the company you’d like to use

11)   Hazard insurance binder – I just need contact information for the company you’d like to use

Are you looking for ground up construction or have started a project and need

money to finish?


Second Fix and Flip/Buy and Hold/ Bridge Loan Lender
Second Fix and Flip/Buy and Hold/ Bridge Loan Lender

Second Popular Fix and Flip Lender.

Our fix and flip loans, available for both purchase and refinance, get you the rehab cash you need in a matter of weeks, not months. Our real estate loans with LTVs up to 75% allow the modern investor to prosper.

12 Month Premiere Flip Loan

The 12-MOnth I/O

This interest-only loan is your short-term solution to rehab and resell your Properties. 

Loan Purpose…………………………..Flip Only

Term………………………………………..12 months

Amortization……………………………..interest only

Tier 1 rate,Points……………………..11.99%, 4 points

Tier 2 Rate, Points………………….12.99%, 5 points

Tier 1 Max LTV…….Purchase-75%,Refi-70%(c1-c3),65%(C4 @ C5 property)

Tier 2 max…………..Purchase – 75%, Refi-65% (c1-c5 property)

Closing Fee…………………………..$995

Min Purchase Price……………….$50k

Min Refi Property value ………….$50k

Property condition ………………….c1-c5

Prepayment Penalty………………..No

10 Due-in-3

For the ultimate in flexibility, check out our 10 Due-in-3 no doc loan. Ready for use as a flip or rental, this loan is great for investors who are looking for options with their property.

Loan Purpose…………………………..Flip or rent

Term………………………………………..36 months

Amortization……………………………..10 years

Tier 1 rate,Points……………………..12.99%, 5 Pts

Tier 2 Rate, Points……………………13.99%,6 pts

Tier 1 Max LTV…….Purchase-75%,Refi-70%(c1-c3),65%(C4 @ C5 property)

Tier 2 max…………..Purchase – 75%, Refi-65% (c1-c5 property)

Closing Fee…………………………..$995

Min Purchase Price……………….$50k

Min Refi Property value ………….$50k

Property condition ………………….c1-c5

Prepayment Penalty………………..No

I have used this lender several times in the past. If you are interested in one of the two programs I listed above please call or email with questions. The only draw back with this particular loan program is the fact that you would have to use your own money for renovation. The plus side is this lender will fund the smaller size loans. Loans from 37,000 to 500,000.  There are really not a lot of credible programs that offer both acquisition and renovation money. Many lenders claim to offer 80ltv for acquisition and renovation or 80ltv for acquisition and 100ltv for renovation. Not for investors who have not done this 20 times in the past with an already established track record. Normally if a lender will offer acquisition and renovation they will offer 65ltv maybe a little higher depending on size of deal and experience. The loan program above is great if you need money quick and can use your own money for renovation. If you want purchase or refinance multiple properties under one mortgage it would also be possible with these two loan programs.

If this loan is not a fit and you and you do have a lot of experience buying and flipping. Perhaps I can place you with another loan product. We also offer construction and renovation money for commercial and residential properties.

Third Fix and Flip Loan Program
Third Fix and Flip Loan Program

Fix and Fix and Flip Program 1-4 unit Up to 90ltv Acquisition 90-100% REHAB

12 Month – Interest Only   FIX and Flip Loan Program

Up to 90% of purchase price with rehab up

Up to 90% of purchase price with rehab up to 75% of ARV

90-100% rehab

7-14% range (Normally 8-12%)

points 3 to 3.5 total  $299 3rd party fees.  No other fees

I have see these terms advertised a few times and finally I figured out who the lender is today. If you are looking for funding in the following states I can assist.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon,Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia

Property Type: SFR’s, 2-4 units, condos,town homes, PUBS

Loan Amount: Up to 1,000,000

Transaction type (Purchase or Refinance)

Interest rates as low as 7% (varies on L.T.V & experience)

Origination 1.5 (Minimum 2000)  No junk fees

Loan to Value: Up to 90% of Purchase price. (With rehab: Up to 75% of After repair value

Rehab Hold back: Up to 100% of purchase price (Other factors depend upon scope of construction)

Closing Process: 15 business days from completed app,even quicker for repeat borrowers

Loan Term: 12 Months

Rate Type: Fixed Rate, Interest Only

Prepayment penalty: None

Please email your scenario?

Mark Fulop 201-925-3470

Current Mixed Use Ground Up Construction Deal closing soon in Nutley NJ. Client was strong enough to qualify for a bank loan.
Current Mixed Use Ground Up Construction Deal closing soon in Nutley NJ. Client was strong enough to qualify for a bank loan.

Here is another lender I use for Fix and Flip

      On residential properties, we are currently only offering a 12-month bridge loan for purchases and a 24 month term for refinances – both are interest only. It is mostly being used by fix and flip investors, but can also be used for cash-out on rental properties. We can do blanket loans, but because we offer such a short term, I don’t think the second client would be interested.
Here is a summary of what we can offer on residential properties:
-We lend 80% of purchase price and 100% of the renovation budget, up to 70% of the after-repair value
-Single family homes, condos, town homes, multi-unit up to 10 units
-Individual properties as well as blanket loans on portfolios
-Cash-out refinance up to 65% LTV
-Interest rates between 8-12%
-2 past flips/rental properties required
-Minimum 620 FICO for purchase, 680 for refinance
-Can roll in closing costs
-Close in 7-10 days


New ARV (After Repair Value) program offers financing for up to 85% of the purchase price + up to 100% of the renovation costs, not to exceed 75% of the after repair value. Prior real estate investing experience is required to qualify for this product.

    • Term12 Months
    • Loan Amount$75k to $2.5M+
    • LTV
      Up to 85% of the purchase price +
      up to 100% of renovation costs;
      Not to exceed 75% of the ARV
    • Property TypesNon-owner occupied 1-4 family residential
  • FICO 600 minimum


Residential Fix and Flip

New  flagship loan program, provides short-term funding for the acquisition of non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential properties. Cross-collateralize options are available for this program.

    • Term 12 Months
    • Loan Amount $50k to $2.5M+
  • LTV Up to 85% of the purchase price;
    Up to 65% Refinance;
    Up to 50% Cash-Out
    • Property Types Non-owner occupied 1-4 family residential
  • FICO No set minimum



Bridge Financing for Rental Properties

C.M.U offers longer-term bridge financing for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold non-owner occupied residential properties for rental income. A six-month extension is available for this product (a 2% fee will apply).

    • Term18 Months
    • Loan Amount$50k to $2.5M+
    • LTV
      Up to 85% of the Purchase Price;
      Up to 65% Refinance;
      Up to 50% Cash-Out
    • Property TypesNon-owner occupied 1-4 family residential
  • FICO  No set minimum


Buy to Rent Loan

Popular loan program offers a 24-month term, with a 12-month extension available, ensuring that our customers have rental property financing that goes the distance. (An extension fee applies)

    • Term24 Months (12-Month Extension Available)
    • Loan Amount$50k to $2.5M+
    • LTV
      Purchase – Lesser of up to 75% of the As-Is Value or Up to 75% Loan-to-Cost;
      Refinance – Up to 70% of the As-Is Value
      Cash-Out – Up to 65% of the As-Is Value
    • Property Types1-4 Family & Multi-Family Non-Owner Occupied Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes; 5+ Apartments; Mixed-Use Properties
    • FICO660 Minimum
    • Property Value”As-Is” Appraised Value Must Be Greater Than $75k
  • Rent Coverage Ratio 1.25


Do you want me to quote your fix and flip or ground up construction deal?

Please just email me the following questions answered if you want a quick quote?





Name of LLC

Purchase Price

Renovation Amount?

After Repair Value?

Fico score?

Summary of deal?

Please email me the scenario so I can provide a quote?

I order the appraisal once it’s moved to underwriting; please provide all of the documents.