Commercial Mortgage Unlimited is now interested in buying notes! 

Now offering the highest offers and the best deals.

We also want to help you sell your note at the right time for you.

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Thanks Mark Fulop

Types Of Notes We Purchase

  • Single Notes

  • Seasoned or New Notes
    Portfolios of Performing and Non-Performing Notes

  • First Liens

  • Balloon Notes

  • Real Estate Mortgages

  • Contracts for Deed

  • Land Contracts

  • Deeds of Trust / Trust Deeds

  • Partial Interest

  • Large Notes ($3 Million+)

  • Small Notes (Min. $10K)

  • Full or Partial Note Purchases

Acceptable Types Of Security (Property) 

  • Single Family Residential

  • Multi-Family Properties

  • Condominiums

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Improved Land

  • Unimproved Land

  • Commercial Properties (All Types)

Loan To Value Requirements 

  • All Property Types 100%

Investment To Value Requirements 

  • Owner Occupied SFR 75%

  • Non-Owner OCC SFR 70-80%

  • Commercial Property 60-70%

  • Improved Land 65-70%

  • Unimproved Land 45-55%