Below are the instructions for pulling credit which  takes less than 2 minutes to set up, does not create a ‘hard inquiry’ or negatively affect scores and is only $1 with the preferred client link for first 7 days. Once account is active email me the 3 necessary login credentials as described at bottom of this message. I’ll confirm receipt and from there complete a full analysis of data to calculate what is holding scores down so we can cover findings & the strategies to maximize your scores during our consult.

Promo link allows you to view all 3 reports and scores for only $1, after 7 days its $21.99 per mo. if not canceled (normally $29.99mo)- pre-paid cards do not work must be cc or debit. (To cancel, call 877-875-4347 and you’ll be charged no further)


  • When you set up your Username & Password: DO NOT use what you use on other accounts please. This prevents any ‘grey’ area regarding access to other accounts and is honestly something I’d like you to do for the rest of your life to protect yourself. Make it unique and write it down.
  • Once acct is active: 3 scores will pop up immediately. DO NOT CLICK ON ‘ORDER REPORT’, all three bureaus are included for the $1 with the link.
  • On home screen: look to the far left of where scores are and you’ll see a tab for ‘credit report’, click on it and your bureaus pop up in the bottom right corner.
  • ‘Scroll’ down bureau to see everything in your report.
  • Progression of bureau data layout is:
    1. ‘Personal Summary’
    2. ‘Accounts Summary’
    3. ‘Accounts’
    4. ‘Inquiries’
    5. Creditor Contact Info
    6. ‘Public Records’


EMAIL, not text,  all 3 login requirements and I’ll knock out your analysis so we can dial things in.

  1. Username
  2. Password (Case Sensitive)
  3. Last 4 of your SS #

Below is a credit repair company I endorse.  If Commercial Mortgage Unlimited has rejected your loan due to your credit report I suggest signing up for credit repair with Shane Wagner.


Shane Wagner

National Credit Repair Manager

Versatile Consulting

St.Petersburg, FL



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